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BORTHE Hair Removal Depilatory Wax Roll-On WAX Cartridge Professional, Pack of 6 (Natural)

  • Borthe hair removal wax is made entirely of natural materials and help to make the fur is less frequent and late when used regularly.
  • It removes unwanted hair, providing smooth sensational looking skin. A quick, accurate and hygienic method of wax application for salon professional hair removal, where wax is rolled onto the skin.
  • It is only used on flat areas such as arms, legs, abdomen. It is definitely not used in folded areas such as the face, armpit, bikini region.
  • It can nice work on every region of the body, it is made of modified resin and contains no sugar. Used for sensitive skin. It is suitable for dark and hard fur.
  • It is come with portable size, convenient to carry and great for professional use.
  • 6 Pieces