BORTHE Hand & Body Cream with Infused Moroccan Argan Oil 400ml

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  •  TOTAL PROTECTION INTESIVE MOISTURISER FOR HANDS – grants rich moisture and deep nourishment to the skin exposed to the adverse weather conditions and environmental aggressors – wind, cold, heating or cooling systems, aggressive detergents, or pollution. The moisturizer provides immediate comfort and pampering care for the dry, cracked hands after the long hours spent working.
  •  SUPERB NAIL STRENGTHENER –argan oil is an ideal beauty therapy that gradually improves the strength of the nails and promotes their growth for refined and perfected texture.
  •  POTENT ANTI-AGING ACTION – formulated with pure Moroccan Gold, the rich hand therapy counteracts the effects of aging on the skin of the hands. The product keeps the hands perfectly moisturized, improves firmness and elasticity and makes the skin irresistibly soft and smooth after use.