BORTHE Professional SPACER Rapid Blonde Dust Free Powder Bleach 1000g (BLUE 7-9 Levels)

  • Suitable for any bleaching techique and any level developer
  • Non-drying, non-flaking, dust-free
  • Works with dark & red shades and provides up to 9 levels of lift with lighteners
  • Fast, extra-light results
  • Up to 9 levels of Lift
  • BORTHE Professional Blue Powder Bleach will provide incredible and beautiful blonde results with ease.
  • This dust-free, non-drying and non-flaking powder will mix with any level developer to create a rich and creamy mixture that lifts hair in little time with no signs of damage.
  • It will even work on dark and red shades mixtures and can reach up to the unheard of level 9 with lighteners.
  • Whether it's for highlighting, balayage, or painting, this powder will gently maintain the hair's condition during any bleaching process with extraordinary results