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IMPALA Extra Sensitive Talcuum Powder 150g

  • Helps fight sweat, odor and chafing "down there"
  • The world’s finest body powder fights sweat, odor and chafing with Power Extracts
  • Highly acclaimed Impala Premium Powder keeps working all day with Hydro-Shield technology
  • A little goes a long way: Most men experience 4+ months of daily usage per bottle
  • What It Does: This light, talc free powder delivers soothing, dry relief to areas of your body where sweat and movement result in irritation.
  • Who It’s For: For men with all skin types who want to stay dry during workouts, strenuous activity, and daily life.
  • How It Works: Our men’s stay fresh body powder uses corn starch which dries sweat and perspiration on contact, allowing your body to move freely without chaffing. It contains aloe vera which hydrates and soothes your skin, providing a lasting cool relief, while provitamin B5 protects and heals your skin by nourishing it, helping stimulate skin regeneration when it is irritated or damaged.
  • Key Ingredients: Natural & Certified Organic ingredients, including aloe, caffeine, DMAE, MSM, protein peptides, hyaluronic acid, coconut cleansers, pumice, jojoba beads and green tea