MALETTI UVC-Totem Room Air Purifer

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Room air purifer.
6094 TOTEM UV 2

Room air purifier. Device that biologically treats the air through a continuous cycle of forced ventilation, that sucks impurities from below, sanitizes the air and emits pure air without ozone. Microbiological abatement with 2 Ozone Free UV-C lamps. Made for a constant disinfection of the air of any environment, during every working phase and in the presence of people.
On request possibility of choice of filters: active charcoal, anti-odor, pollen and ionizing filter with titanium dioxide. Front casing in aluminum covered in skay, customizable with logo and available in the whole Maletti skay range.
Provided with self standing floor support. Studied and created with innovative design by "Giovannoni Design".
220v or 110v power supply. 50 watt power consumption.

1. The aspirated air from the below by UVC-Totem passes through the grille in the intake mouth, which blocks larger pollutants and preserves the integrity of the lamps.
2. The air enters the irradiation chamber in direct contact with two mercury steam pipes which, thanks to the emission of UVC radiation, determine the germicidal action.
3. The air is expelled through the outlet mouth it has passed through a second optional lter and expands circularly in the space, falling in an umbrella shape and thus reducing the microbial load.
4. Continuous disinfection also in the presence of people.
5. Constant 24 hr protection.
6. Low energy consumption.

Net Weight : 17,00 kg
Measure Packing : 18,00 x 39,00 x 120,00 cm
Volume m3 : 0,084